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Our Mission

We believe that the future of the internet is inclusive and expansive. Despite its abstract complex components, the metaverse should be easy and accessible for everyone - with just a mobile number!

With this, we envision an interconnected world in the metaverse, wherein access is mainstream and convenient for consumers and businesses. We want to empower users to focus on discovering quality content, building communities, and engaging in commerce.

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Our Story

MetaverseGo was founded in 2022 to democratize the Web 3.0 space. Although popular perception defines the metaverse only as immersive and 3D, we believe the future of the internet is mobile and on hand! We want to help ensure accessibility by simplifying web3 and building a global gateway to the metaverse.

Today, we continuously strive to build connectedness in the metaverse by making its access viable despite geographic and economic barriers

Together, We Can Build the Metaverse!

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Our Investors

MetaverseGo is backed by a strong network of advisors and investors that help propel the business.

We are proudly part of ED3N Ventures – a technology-holding conglomerate that builds and invests in web3 projects around GameFi, DeFi, and the Open Metaverse. ED3N drives web3 strategy and provides its projects with network, capital, and talent access.



Liat Azulay
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Julian Gorman
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Terry Guo
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Ryan Wyatt
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Gabby Dizon
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Jeff Holmberg
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Our Founders

Jake San Diego
Chief Business Development Officer
Ash Mandhyan
Chief Executive Officer
JC Velasquez
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Chief Technology Officer

Our Team

Angel Mendoza
Donald Onghanseng, CFA
Finance & Legal
Elle Anorma
Pam Chan
Carla Noelle Perfecto
Gerald Adorza