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MetaverseGo has created an ecosystem that brings together strategic partnerships to its platform.

Telco partnerships play an essential part in its large subscriber base for efficient user acquisition. Meanwhile, financial gateway partners will help translate earnings into real-world value and utility. We also partner with merchants and brands that aim to reach new consumers in the Metaverse.

This mutually-beneficial partnership among telcos, games, guilds, financial brands, and other businesses creates a flywheel to drive growth and loyalty. Through this partnership, we are building a rich ecosystem focused on our platform.


Telco providers are in the perfect position to be part of our ecosystem.With your large mobile base of web2 users, MetaverseGo can help in bridging them to the metaverse.

Games & Guilds

Join our expansive network of partnerships with the top games and guilds and grow your community. Partner with us and unlock more value for your business.

One of the greatest Partners exists in Web3, so far!
As a partner at MetaverseGo, I'm proud to say we've created a truly groundbreaking platform that combines the power of Web3 with the thrill of online gaming and the camaraderie of guilds. Our community has flourished since launch, creating a space for gamers to connect and compete. With endless possibilities for casual and serious players alike, join us today and experience the future of gaming.
Greatest Partners exists in Web3!
I just wanted to commend MetaverseGo for all the things that they're doing here in the Philippines, especially bridging Web3 and gaming. I think they're doing a good job in getting people to understand what Web3 gaming is all about.There's a lot of things to accomplish here in the Philippines, and I think they're helping a lot in terms of pushing that forward. MetaverseGo is doing a really good job at that, so I'm excited to see what's next for them.